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Luxury simply refers to anything that goes well beyond the basics and luxury cars are definitely a cut above other vehicles. However, oftentimes the term luxury confuses people who aren’t car enthusiasts. Most economy cars will do the exact same thing that an expensive luxury vehicle will do, however, the differences are in the details.


Of course, experiencing luxury cars begins at the dealership level. At luxury dealerships, the level of service is something that cannot be attained by the average commercial dealerships. Not only do dealers create beautiful showrooms to display the cars, but they also put great effort into making clients as satisfied as possible. Oftentimes, people who purchase luxury vehicles also expect perks, such as free car washes, loaner cars, and other amenities.


The features of luxury cars are usually highly customizable. These vehicles will include details that are luxurious and comfortable, such as heated seats and built-in camera and navigation systems. Luxury car dealers and manufacturers allow the buyers to choose details such as the type of upholstery lining in the interior and exterior paint colour. 


Furthermore, luxury vehicles are set apart from regular economy cars by the driving details. While a daily driver may get you where you need to go, a luxury car will ensure that the driver is comfortable and pampered. These cars have exceptional suspension making driving them to feel incredibly smooth. There are even make and models that have adjustable suspension on air springs and systems which adjust automatically to the condition of the road.


Most importantly, luxury vehicles are equipped with significantly more advanced safety features. The safety technology can include blind-spot warnings, anti-lock brake systems, and electronic stability control. While many of these options are now built into regular cars, they were first introduced in luxury models. 


The most glaringly obvious distinction between regular and luxury vehicles is the engine. Luxury engines will surpass the standard car engine every time. Luxury cars come equipped with far better horsepower and efficiency.


As Jaguar once promoted, luxury sedans are all about “Grace, Pace, and Space”. As the automotive industry continues to grow and evolve luxury automobiles will continue to raise the bar higher.