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More and more customers are looking to businesses to behave in an environmentally friendly manner and produce products that align with their values as consumers, especially those of the younger generation. People looking to purchase luxury cars are no exception, and the industry is rising to meet their expectations. Here are a few ways that luxury car manufacturers are innovating environmentally friendly designs and technologies to deliver the quality their customers expect while reducing their impact on the environment.

Electric and Hybrid Engines

While electric cars are not new, they are not generally associated with the luxury part of the industry. However, Lexus, Mercedes, and Bentley have already released hybrid and electric cars that aim to provide the same level of comfort as their other vehicles without using any gas. The vehicles also have many other new technologies, so rest assured that you can still be on the cutting edge of innovation and comfort in an environmentally friendly car.

Eco-Friendly Materials

When a car is powered by an electric engine, it’s imperative to decrease the vehicle’s weight to ensure that the same speed and power can be achieved using only electricity. Fortunately, part of this is utilizing more eco-friendly materials. For example, Polestar, the new luxury car brand from Volvo, is utilizing a flax composite to replace the plastics in their dashboards, which is much lighter. Switching to materials like vegan leather also makes cleaning easier and helps to eliminate the waste produced by using genuine leather in seating.

Redefining the Design Process

Because designing vehicles takes so long and is quite expensive, manufacturers are looking to incorporate more environmentally friendly materials into each step of the process. If companies can replace interior fabrics with hemp or use recycled fishing nets to create mats, they can scale that process into the manufacture of existing cars much more quickly and help set a precedent for consistently incorporating these sorts of materials into every level of manufacturing in the future.

Luxury car companies are looking to eventually help create a new design paradigm that can be produced sustainably at every level while still delivering quality to their customers. While these designs are still in their infancy, the industry is still making great strides towards an environmentally conscious future.