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Formula One is an exciting professional racing series that holds events throughout the world. While Formula One only has a modest following in the United States, it is hugely popular in Europe, South America, and Asia. Formula One has built up such a dedicated following because of the exciting action on the track every week. The best drivers in the world compete at speeds well above 200 miles per hour. Newcomers to the sport can pick up everything they need to know with this beginner’s guide to Formula One.


Objectives of Formula One


Just like every other form of racing, the goal of every driver in Formula One is to finish the race with the fastest time. Formula One really separates itself from the competition thanks to its team element. Every team in the series consists of two drivers. These drivers share resources and work together to prepare for the races. In addition to crowning an individual champion every season, Formula One also rewards the best overall team.


Scoring System


The season standings are determined based on a point system. The driver and team with the most points take home the championships. In order to earn points for a race, a driver must finish in the top 10. A first-place finish is awarded 25 points. This drops down to 18 points for second place. The points continue to steadily drop until the 10th place driver receives one point. The driver with the fastest lap in the entire race is also awarded a bonus point.


Typical Season Calendar


Since 2016, the Formula One calendar has consisted of 21 races. Every race is held in a different country throughout the world. The season-opening race is held in Australia every March. The season ends with a race in Abu Dhabi in December. The 2021 season is tentatively set to add two new events to the calendar pushing the season to 23 weeks.


Grand Prix Schedule


The Formula One Grand Prix schedule begins on Friday with a practice session on the new track. After the practice session, the teams are free to make changes to the car to improve its performance. Saturday is the qualifying day. This determines the starting order for the Grand Prix on Sunday.